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Street Location Guide

Category Administrative/Ownership Data Base
Name Street Location Guide (str-indx.wpd)
Type WordPerfect Document
Abstract The Street Location Guide assists in finding streets in the City of Ann Arbor. Street names are listing alphabetically along with their occurance within 2,000' by 3,000' grid cells superimposed on the City. Reference marks and labels at the margins appear on all Standard City basemaps plotted at 1"=1,320' or 1:15,840.
Maintenance The manual maintenance of this file occurs in parallel with the maintenance of Ann Arbor Geographic Base File (aagbf). Future plans include extending into the expanded Project Area and combining the word processing document with the plotting of basemaps.
Source Large-Scale GIS Data Base Development Project
Agency/Contact Information Technology Services Department / mjohnson@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us
Domain Large-Scale GIS Data Base Development Project Area
Format WordPerfect 6.1 document, printing with LinePrinter font recommended
Qualifications Columns 1-15 appear at the top and bottom increasing from left to right, and Rows A-U appear at the left and right margins proceeding from top to bottom on the specified basemaps.

Inconsistencies may be detected in content and is due to University of Michigan streets not always being shown in the Large-Scale GIS Data Base Project Area at this time.