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1997 Digital Orthophotos

Category Land Base Data
Name(s) ft.5-97 ft1-97 ft2-97 ft4-97 ft8-97 ft16-97
Description Digital Orthophoto Images (April 1997)
Type Image Catalogs
Abstract Digital Orthophotography is the major component of the Land Base for the Ann Arbor Geographic Information System. All existing features that appear on the aerial photography at a given scale are shown in the Digital Orthophotos. Layers ftx represent imagery of various resolutions acquired from the April 1997 aerial photography.
Maintenance The Large-Scale GIS Land Base Update Project created additional digital orthophotography based upon April 1997 aerial photography to supplement the original digital orthophotography from April 1993. Future plans include exploring new production methods and funding sources.
Source Large-Scale GIS Data Base Update Project (1997)
Agency/Contact Information Technology Services Department / mjohnson@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us
Accuracy National Map Accuracy Standards for 1"=100', 1-2 foot positional accuracy
Projection NAD83 State Plane, Michigan South Zone 6401
Units US Survey Feet
Spheroid GRS1980
Domain Large-Scale GIS Data Base Update Project Areas, 51.5 Square Miles
Format 256 gray scale, image (.jpg) and World File (.jgw) file pairs
Count See Qualifications Table
Qualifications The April 1997 black and white aerial photography used for production of the digital orthophotography has a photo scale of 1:7680 or 1"=640' with 60% forward lap and 65% side lap on Agfa Pan 50 film. The 9"x9" contact prints are on file with the Planning Department.

Airborne GPS technology along with control panels on the ground were used in the aerial mission with an altitude of 3,840 feet. The character of aerial photography is preserved in digital orthophotography including the radial displacement of tall structures away from the center of each photo. Correction of distortion at ground level due to the camera lenses and surface terrain meet National Map Accuracy Standards as stated above.

Image Catalog Resolution Class Dimensions Count Storage as .tif
ft.5-97 6" pixels a 1,000' by 1,500' 953 5718 MB+
ft1-97 1' pixels b 2,000' by 3,000' 245 1470 MB+
ft2-97 2' pixels c 4,000' by 6,000' 72 432 MB+
ft4-97 4' pixels d 8,000' by 12,000' 23 138 MB+
ft8-97 8' pixels e 16,000' by 24,000' 6 36 MB+
ft16-97 16' pixels f 48,000' by 48,000' 1 9 MB+

The aerial photography diapositives were scanned at 12 microns (2,000 dpi).The 6-inch pixel resolution primary digital orthophotography was then resampled to create the successively larger resolution imagery.

Image catalogs are INFO tables which contain geographic reference to individual image files for use with ArcInfo and ArcView software. Images files making up the image catalogs can be accessed and/or used independently. Naming of the individual image files reflects the resolution of the image and the location of the lower-left corner in State Plane coordinates (feet). For example, an image named b2950288.tif represents an image with 1-foot pixel resolution and a lower-left corner at the State Plane x = 13,295,000 and y = 288,000.

The World File (.jgw) stores information regarding the real world coordinate for positioning of the .jpg image file.