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Current Land Use

Category Administrative/Ownership Data Base
Description Current Land Use Inventory Boundaries

Coverage crlu_bnd

Abstract The Planning Department conducted a comprehensive land use inventory of all land within the City of Ann Arbor's ultimate corporate boundary. This inventory includes parcels currently in Ann Arbor, Pittsfield, and ScioTownships which will be annexed into the City consistent with utility service agreements signed by the townships. The resulting GIS data layer combines the descriptive land use and administrative ownership data providing a valuable tool to assist the City of Ann Arbor with future land use planning decisions.
Maintenance Maintenance of Current Land Use information continues using an application developed in Arc Macro Language (AML) by ITSD for use by City Planning staff.
Source Large-Scale GIS Data Base
Agency/Contact Planning Department / churd@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us
Accuracy National Map Accuracy Standards for 1"=100', 1:1200, 1-2 foot positional accuracy
Projection NAD83 State Plane, Michigan South Zone 6401
Units US Survey Feet
Spheroid GRS1980
Domain Large-Scale GIS Data Base Update Project Area
Format Double Precision Network Coverage CRLU_BND; Polygons and Arcs with INFO attributes
Tiles Single city-wide coverage
Count 5553 Polygons - 13808 Arcs
Qualifications During the Summer of 1998, data was collected through a visual survey of all parcels, using digital orthophotos overlaid with parcel maps as a guide. Parcels were assigned one of 46 land use codes and one of 3 administrative ownership codes. Additional information from the City Assessor's office and the City Housing Bureau was used to help identify administrative ownership and distinguish various residential land uses. Boundaries established through use of lines coincident with the Assessor Parcel maps.
Qualifications A report .

CRLU_BND.PAT - Polygon Attribute Table Definition and Content

Column Field Name Width Output Type N Dec Alt Name Indexed? Field Content
1 AREA 8 18 F 5   - Polygon Area (square feet)
9 PERIMETER 8 18 F 5   - Polygon Perimeter (feet)
17 CRLU_BND# 4 5 B -   * Polygon Internal ID
21 CRLU_BND-ID 4 5 B -   - Polygon User Assignable ID
25 CUR_LAND_USE 3 3 C -   - Current Lane Use Code
28 ADMIN 2 2 C -   - Admin/Owner Code
30 FLAG 1 1 C -   - Change Flag

CRLU_BND.AAT - Arc Attribute Table Definition and Content

Column Field Name Width Output Type N Dec Alt Name Indexed? Field Content
1 FNODE# 4 5 B -   - From Node Internal ID
5 TNODE# 4 5 B -   - To Node Internal ID
9 LPOLY# 4 5 B -   - Left Polygon Internal ID
13 RPOLY# 4 5 B -   - Right Polygon Internal ID
17 LENGTH 8 18 F 5   - Arc Length (feet)
25 CRLU_BND# 4 5 B -   * Arc Internal ID
29 CRLU_BND-ID 4 5 B -   - Arc User Assignable ID
33 KFEAT 4 6 B -   - Symbolization Code
37 FLAG 1 1 1 -   - Change Flag